Tactical Underground Society

Have you ever wanted to wear apparel and show your love for the pineapple in a discreet way that only other people that love the pineapple would recognize? A shirt you can wear to the gym, store, or out and about and you won't offend anyone in your community? Or how about if you run into your boss or kids teacher, and they won't think twice about what you are wearing? That's one of the reason we started Tactical Underground Society (T.U.G.S.). Both of us have a love for our military, law enforcement, and first responders and our apparel is directed towards them and what they love. We also know that we are all a family and we need to support each other and show that support. When you see someone walking around in a T.U.G.S. shirt you know you have that instant connection and part of a another community. We took this fruit and added some grenade flavor to it with the five pointed star and BOOM...we trademarked it and its now the T.U.G.S. original design. We hope  that you find something you like and let us know if you have any ideas or feedback  to make us better.