Tactical Underground Society

Have you ever wanted to wear apparel and show your love for the pineapple that only other like-minded people would recognize? Tactical Underground Society (T.U.G.S.). is a lifestyle brand that is meant to inspire and motivate people by associating them with a sense of belonging to a specific community that they admire and appreciate. We choose this specific type of community and work consistently to appeal to those individuals. We use our voice, image, and brand identity to form a deeper connection with our customers. The goal of our brand is when consumers wear our product, they can identify in it, then they have a familiarity to that specific group. When you feel you belong, it comes with feelings of being accepted and thus overall, more valued as a person. When you see someone walking around in a T.U.G.S. apparel you know you have that instant connection and part of community. We took this fruit and added some grenade flavor to it with the five-pointed star and BOOM...we trademarked it and its now the T.U.G.S. original design. We hope you find solidarity in our apparel and join our community today!